Kiwikrane is a business system in which franchisees operate amusement crane(claw) machines on a variety of locations in their specific region. Our franchisees are trained to give top service to their machines and regularly visit them to stock them with plush toys, balls, sports products and other prizes.


Are you are a business owner looking to boost your bottom line with some extra cash in exchange for an unused corner or wall in your business? You should consider an obligation free trial of a koalakrane machine on a revenue share agreement. Our franchisees regularly service and fill your machine. You do nothing except provide a small space and a power point.
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Meet Our Hawkes Bay Franchisee

Neil Whelan

Neil Whelan works part time as a franchisee in Hawkes Bay. He used to own a cleaning franchise and found the late hours, unreliable staff and inflexibility difficult. With a teenage daughter and a love of the outdoors, Neil enjoys his weekends without the pressure of a business you have to be at every day. He also loves tinkering with machines and knows how to completely strip a crane down and redo the decals. “Crane machines are pretty simple really,” he says. “Pretty much everything can be fixed with a simple spare part and a bit of know how.”.

Laura got me an appointment and we met and the owner was interested. It took several more phone calls and a final meeting but finally it was agreed to give it a go.

It's a new business so it will take a while for it to be a viable site. I was happy to get in at the beginning and hopefully watch the turnover grow.

Meet Our Wellington Franchisee

Brent and Debra Jupp

Brent and Debra Jupp have been involved in Kiwikrane for 8 years. Starting with the Wellington Central and Porirua areas, they soon increased their area by purchasing the Hutt Valley franchises. Brent and Debra love that they can run the business together. They spend a relaxed few days together, visiting their 80+ machines each week and frequenting their favourite coffee shops along the way. Brent has another job as a children’s entertainer, and he finds he can fit his bookings around Kiwikrane servicing really well. Some of the shopping centres he performs in also have his Kiwikrane machines, so there are times when he’s making money passively and actively in the same venue simultaneously.”I really like that concept,” says Brent.
Meet Our Auckland Franchisee

Karl Gardner

Karl Gardner is our East Auckland franchisee, has a young family and also works as an insurance broker. Karl loves the challenge of finding new locations for machines and recently has been focusing on building his area up. “Finding sites is not that hard,” he says. “Just get out there and make the calls.There are a lot of businesses out there that are keen to make a few extra dollars by having a machine. The worst that can happen is they say no.”

Great Prizes


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We have all 16 NRL clubs Steeden supporter balls to collect.

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Collect Poppy and her fellow Trolls Bigger, Branch, Cooper, DJ Suki, Fuzzbert, Guy Diamond & Smidge.

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